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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s wrong with regular plastic or paper cotton swabs?

Approximately 62.5 million cotton swabs are produced each hour globally and it is estimated that about 10% of them is flushed down the toilet or disposed of improperly. That is 1,700 cotton swabs EVERY SECOND! Imagine the environmental damages these non-degradable swabs may cause. By the time you finish reading this paragraph, 15,000 swabs may have just entered our waterways. It takes approximately 3.6 litres of water to produce and treat the cotton used in ONE conventional cotton bud (water footprint). It takes only 0.3 litre of water to wash one of our FinalSwab.

What is FinalSwab made of?

Featuring premium materials and super clever design, this isn’t your average cotton swab. In fact, it doesn’t feature any cotton at all! FinalSwab is made up of a stiff compact nylon core with soft medical grade silicone on each end, developed to ensure skin sensitivity, comfort and durability with environmental and health certifications (ISO, RoHS, etc) and is safe for food contact and BPA free. Even the carrying case for FinalSwab is biodegradable, and the packaging it comes in is made of eco-friendly cardboard. The real game changer is that the swab is designed to last for thousands of uses – and we really hope the one you buy from us will be the LASTSwab. That is the kind of standard we want to provide our customers.Will it feel and function like regular cotton swabs? The FDA-approved medical silicone tips are safe to use on skins. Polydimethylsiloxane is one of the ingredients used in the silicone mixture since its specific crosslinking results in a flexible and soft silicone with high durability and tack. The silicone tips are not absorbent like cotton tips, so they will not dry your skin. However, this also means that alcohol or makeup remover may not stick to it as strongly as cotton buds. You can use our swabs to apply and correct make-up but not to remove make-up.

Can I use FinalSwab to clean my ears?

FinalSwab are as soft as regular cotton swabs and can be used in similar ways. However, like other swab producers, we do not recommend to use the swabs for cleaning the inner ear canal due to health and safety reasons. When used with cautions, our swabs are excellent to clean the outer ears.

How do I care for my FinalSwab?

We recommend hand washing the swabs with a little soap and let dry for best results. If you need to machine wash (we get it, it’s real life!), ensure the swab is properly secured in your dishwasher so it will not fly around inside your dishwasher. 

How long will it take to get my swab?

As long as your straw is in stock at the time of your order, it will ship out within 48-72 hours. Domestic US shipments take anywhere from 2-5 days to be delivered and international, anywhere from 1-2.5 weeks. 

What is your return policy?

It’s hard for us to imagine why you’d want to return your FinalSwab— We stand behind our pretty amazing products and offer a limited lifetime guarantee for product defects—but hey, sometimes things don’t work out and we want you to be happy. If you are dissatisfied with our product, we will accept your unused/ unopened swab and give you a full refund within a 30 day window.

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